Dog and bone

With traditional Telephony any company essentially pays for the the upkeep of an additional network parallel to their existing Data network. Which means, higher cost of ownership and more administrative overhead. VOIP changes this.

With the continued roll out of the National Broadband Network, the foundations are being laid for further popularization of VOIP.  And from a cost point of view, it makes sense to jump on the bandwagon. VOIP solutions are basically offered in two flavors; On site and hosted.

On premise phone system

On premise phone systems offer the benefit of using a single, converged network for Data and telephone, and at the same time profiting from the reliability of your existing, traditional land lines, for inbound and outbound calls.


Hosted phone system

With a hosted phone system, there is no expensive PBX hardware or parts to service, so there is no need to call out a technician. This because your phone system is virtualized off site.  Which means extremely easy number portability and office relocation. It also means that is is very simple to increase capacity, in terms of the number of lines as your business grows. It will also give you access to an internet portal, where you can  conveniently manage the features of your system, such as hunt groups, time of day routing, holiday messages etcetera.


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