Network Integration

Putting the Puzzle together

Network integration is possibly the hardest discipline in the IT world. This is where planning and various technical skills are of the up most importance. It is also an area where your IT can be optimized or new functionality can be bolted onto your existing network. For instance in the form of additional wireless, integration with VOIP, or added security by means of a firewall.

Yes, network is a means to an end – a way to get information flowing between your employees, customers and partners. But it should also make you money.

We, at Dogtel, see IP networks  and networking as the platform for most – if not all – your business functions and communications. It is what makes you browse the internet, send out quotes and invoices, and it is what facilitates you to store files.

We’ll assist you in looking at:

  • routing and switching – strengthening your network by integrating and configuring its core components
  • wireless and mobility – creating secure wireless communications platforms that integrate seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure to enable and support mobility, regardless of your users’ locations or devices
  • performance optimization – improving the end-to-end performance of your applications and services across your communication networks to deliver quality of experience to all network users
  • support, maintenance and outsourcing  – selecting flexible options that ensure your network infrastructure is managed in a way that best fits your business and budget