Delivering outcome

You give us a cup of coffee, we give you 15 years of experience in the business in return for it.

High Level design or low level design is where all your business requirements are translated into IT.

We have an absolute passion for implementing what we suggest an your business using it.

Call us for issues or questions, we know your IT. Remember we started off with a cup of coffee!

Our services are part of a framework, that spans the entire IT life cycle. Which means we do not just talk about technology, but we will also discuss with you, what you need to reach your business objectives. Subsequently we can develop, build and support that very same solution.

Part of our IT life cycle approach is to then actively reach out to you to establish if any further optimization is required.

Why Choose  Dogtel?

Simple, we do not do fluff and we do not just think in terms of technology. We let you set the framework within which we will build a solution for you. We believe that our technology agnostic approach combined with years of experience in the business, backed by some of the world’s leading technologies, puts us in a unique position to help you reach your business objectives.