Dogtel can implement VOIP in the Melbourne area and we are very passionate about it, so let us explain about its advantages.

VOIP has been around for a while. People also use terms like IP Telephony and Internet telephony (made famous by companies like Skype). But let’s stick with the term “VOIP”.

The Telephony landscape is split up in traditional telephony on one side and VOIP on the other. Traditional (PSTN) telephony has been around since Alexander Graham Bell took credit for its invention in 1876. It is very robust and obviously has a long proven track record.

VOIP, on the other hand, has “only”  been around for over a decade, but has increased in popularity in the last decade. In fact, in 2008, 80% of all newly implemented phone systems (PBX’s) were VOIP.  The main decider for larger companies to go VOIP, is the fact that VOIP can be run over the same, existing, network as Data traffic, significantly cutting costs. This compared to traditional PBX’s, that physically run completely separate from all the other data traffic. Consider an standard office with desks that have at least two outlets available; one for a telephone and one for a telephony. It is not hard to understand that both networks exist side by side substantially increasing the cost to upkeep them.

Consumer market    voip melbourne

The growing popularity of VOIP in the consumer market is mainly contributed to, by the increased availability of broadband internet.  Service offerings  like “Naked DSL” and unlimited domestic calling for a flat monthly subscription fee are examples of this.

A VoIP phone is necessary to connect to a VoIP service provider. This can be implemented in several ways:

  • Dedicated VoIP phones connect directly to the IP network using technologies such as wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. They are typically designed in the style of traditional digital business telephones.
  • An analog telephone adapter is a device that connects to the network and implements the electronics and firmware to operate a conventional analog telephone attached through a modular phone jack. Some residential Internet gateways and cablemodems have this function built in.
  • A softphone is application software installed on a networked computer that is equipped with a microphone and speaker, or headset. The application typically presents a dial pad and display field to the user to operate the application by mouse clicks or keyboard input.

With the options above a VOIP phone user can have the same user experience with a VOIP phone, as with a traditional phone. It also means that with a VOIP service provider, faxing is easily integrated into it.

Corporate market

As stated earlier, medium and large businesses have been moving away from traditional copper wire telephony to VOIP, not only in the Melbourne area, but around the world. And for good reason.

Because VoIP allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, it can significantly reduce infrastructure costs.

In addition to this, companies that are spread across multiple locations, can make huge cost savings when directing their calls across their existing inter office Data connections.

In the corporate market, the term “VOIP” has evolved into unified communications services that converge all communications—phone calls, faxes, voice mail, e-mail, Web conferences, and more—as discrete units that can all be delivered via any means and to any handset, including cellphones. Many major software and hardware vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft have embraced Unified Communications and can offer its integration with their existing products such as email, Active Directory and  network components and protocols.  The convergence of voice, video, and data communications around a shared IP-based infrastructure allows users to easily make a call, send a message, or join an audio or video conference.


To sum up some of the advantages that VOIP has over traditional Telephony:


  • VOIP easily supports Tele-workers (home office becomes extension of regular office)
  • Cost savings by converging the Telephony and Data Communications networks
  • Wide range of choice of VOIP providers
  • Offers call cost savings for organizations with multiple locations
  • Supported by well know vendors.
  • Ease of number or number range portability  and office move
  • Unified communications allows rich content sharing, combining it with video and audio.


We at Dogtel are completely sold on VOIP and have extensive experience in  the field. VOIP Melbourne is a competitive market, but we know it well.

Talk to one of our consultants and Let us help you improve your IT.

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