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  1. SIP three way handshakes

    Time for another post on SIP, why SIP?  Because SIP is good, SIP is like a nice dessert, it is something that just works. This…

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  2. SIP trunking; where are we at now?

    SIP Trunking; where are we at now? Chasing a myth? SIP is rapidly becoming the de facto standard protocol for IP telephony. Hang on, did…

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  3. Dogtel IT link building SEO

    Link building 101

    Getting your website or brand ranked high enough in Google search results for someone to notice you,  contact you and approach your for business, is…

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  4. Google analytics and Wordpress SEO

    Google Analytics and wordpress

    How Google Analytics and WordPress go together Albert Einstein once said; “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.  That might be well for fundamental scientific research,…

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  8. voip melbourne Dogtel IT let us improve your IT

    VOIP, what’s the fuzz all about?

    Dogtel can implement VOIP in the Melbourne area and we are very passionate about it, so let us explain about its advantages. VOIP has been…

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  9. responsive websites

    Responsive website, why should I care?

    In the last couple of years,  the number of personal devices with which we  browse the internet has increased. Not only that, but the variety of…

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