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VOIP, what’s the fuzz all about?

Dogtel can implement VOIP in the Melbourne area and we are very passionate about it, so let us explain about its advantages.

VOIP has been around for a while. People also use terms like IP Telephony and Internet telephony (made famous by companies like Skype). But let’s stick with the term “VOIP”.

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Responsive website, why should I care?

In the last couple of years,  the number of personal devices with which we  browse the internet has increased. Not only that, but the variety of devices we do that with has increased as well.  Samsung Tablets, iPADs,  Google Nexus,  iPhone,  Android phones and the good old desktop, you name it.  All these devices have a different screen size and thus a different user experience when looking at the same website on any of these devices.

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